Radiator is one of component in the engine cooling system. Radiator function is to transfer heat from the hot water coolant. The coolant flows from the radiator coolant inlet to the outlet through many tube assembled in a parallel arrangement. The heat transfer from many tube to the many fin and then transfer the heat to the air blown throught it by the fan. A radiator is a type of heat exchanger.
Most new model cars use aluminum radiators. These radiators are made by brazing thin aluminum fins to flattened aluminum tubes.

illustration Part Name Function
Upper Tank & Lower Tank Store the water coolant before & after cooling processing.
Packing To prevent Coolant leakage
Core Sub Assy It is assemble of tube, fin cooling & plate core. It is designed to transfer heat from the hot coolant that flows through it to the air blown through it by the fan.
Plug Drain Cock Is the plug seat cock coolant drainage.
Cap Assy To keep coolant not boilt when the coolant temperatur increase.
Oli Cooler

Oil cooler placed inside the lower tank, only for engine with authomatic transmition. It is designed to transfer heat form transmition oil to the coolant.


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