After Market

DENSO offers the best quality products for the After Market and provide customer satisfaction, since DENSO is the biggest supplier to the car manufacturers throughout the world.


Product List

Car Air Conditioner

The DENSO car air conditioner was sold from 1957 as theDENSO CAR COOLER

BUS Air Conditioner

DENSO is engaged in the development of new products aiming at comfort control, long life, high performance, and maintenance free qualities to meet customers' satisfaction


Denso Horn is the best Horn in the Market


DENSO spark plugs have been used as Original Equipment (OE) by many major automotive .......

Wiper Blade

Denso Wipers mostly used for automobile manufactures , because High quality of wiper perform to wiping efficiency, silence, and stability

Diesel Fuel Injection Pump

The largest Automotive parts, produces for Diesel Fuel Injection Pump (DFIP) installed As original equipment not only Japanese but also for American & Europe. DFIP can be Found in automobile, trucks, forklifts, marine application and agricultural engine.